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Photo of the Day: Found Details

Stumbled upon some wall decor, and then this happened.    View full post »

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Photo of the Day: Peace, Love, and Happiness

I got a very modest inquiry over a year ago from a couple from Kentucky about an intimate wedding happening in BrooklynView full post »

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Photo of the Day: Entourage

Sure… the wedding day is about the couple, family, friends and all the experiences in between; but often times weView full post »

Chinese wedding photographer

Photo of the Day: Challenging Myself

We don’t grow as photographers unless we push out of our comfort zone, unless we master a difficult technique, andView full post »

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Photo of the Day: Light and Shadow

As a wedding photographer, we’re not always given the perfect working conditions: more than enough time toView full post »

Photo of the Day: Rania and Rashad

A rather interesting image I came across from Rania and Rashad’s engagement party at Chataeu Briand. The ghostingView full post »

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Photo of the Day: Make the best of it

When life gives you lemons you make lemonade!!! Sometimes things just don’t go your way, but that’s ok; YouView full post »

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Photo of the Day: Cornered

Picture this: One elevator, harsh available lighting, and a bellboy and a delivery man anxiously awaiting to get in theView full post »